Betty Anne Ley

Corporate Specialist

Betty Anne Ley

Places I have been:

Hong Kong, Australia, Hawaii, Canada, Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Jamaica, Florida, U.S.; including Alaska

Favourite Destinations:
Ireland - for the people, culture & scenery (plus my family lives there)
Negril Jamaica - for the laid back atmosphere, the amazing food and fabulous beaches.

Senior Corporate Consultant

  • Started with McT in 1982 – almost 35 years ago
  • 2 great kids, 1 pretty good husband
  • 1 fabulous dog, Marshal Dillon
  • Passion for curling in the winter & golf in the summer
  • And of course I love to travel!

Best Part of My Job:
The relationships I have with my clients!
Many of whom I have had the pleasure of working with for more than 30 years!

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