McTavish Travel COVID-19 Address


As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise globally, the landscape of travel is evolving daily.

All major carriers are providing waivers for change/cancellation penalties into the most affected areas through the end of April. We expect these dates and destinations to be extended regularly, in line with government travel advisories. To check if your destination is affected by the COVID-19 virus:

If you are holding a ticket and are unsure if you can cancel without penalty, please contact us and we will check the most recent carrier waivers.

Whether or not to travel internationally is up the discretion of each organization. Canada’s Duty of Care Bill states ‘Employers are expected to take practical steps to safeguard their employees against any reasonably foreseeable dangers. Employees need to be made aware of every known and foreseeable health or safety hazard.’

As you may know, and to help our clients meet these Duty of Care obligations, McTavish Travel sends an e-Travel Advisory with every international itinerary. As conditions change that may affect your trip, updates are automatically sent in line with government notices. Depending on the policy within each organization, these advisories may be going to your travel planner or to the traveller directly. If you wish to check where the advisories are going, please contact us.

We can redirect advisories accordingly.

You may also look for the Canada Public Health Advisories link on your itinerary.

For added assurance, McTavish Travel can provide a quote and issue cancellation insurance that would cover most reasons for cancellation. Manulife’s Premium Protection insurance coverage details can be found here:

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we will do our best to provide the most recent information available.

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